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Ich freue mich, Sie als Zuhörer in meiner Sendung zu haben und hoffe, Sie persönlich kennen zu lernen, denn Sie und ich sind an der gleichen Sache interessiert! Lernen Sie alles darüber auf


English: Great to have you as a listener on my show and hope to meet you in person, because you and me are interested in the same thing! 

Apr 30, 2021

Vending Machine or Passive Real Estate? A vending machine business is a business where you have one or more vending machines in various locations and earn money from sales generated by those vending machines.  While Passive real estate investing, is a form of real estate investing in which you place your capital into a real estate venture that you will not have any direct responsibility for managing. Listen to Jack Rosenthal a 18 year-old entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of the Young Investors Club, LLC, one of the largest teen investment organizations in the world with close to 100 members and over $115,000+ under management. He also manages a private investment fund for select outside investors. He has personally mentored 100+ students on investing and is considered an authority on teenage investing. In his Bestseller Amazon Book you will learn:
- How, why and where to invest
- How to earn money to invest
- Key terms every investor should know
- How to analyze a stock through the Yahoo Finance portal
- How Jack founded one of the largest teen investment clubs
- What metrics and techniques Jack uses to look for investments for his own investment portfolio